Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rusty Robot Sale!


I'm having a bit of a sale on the run up to Christmas on my ETSY STORE!

If you use the code TINYROBOTXMAS2011 you will get 15% off any robot instore!


Tiny Gymnastic Sheep!


Heres a blast from the past! Its an animation I did in first year of uni involving some tiny gymnastic sheep!

All the best!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pirate Bunnies!


I am currently at my parents and have unearthed some paintings I did a couple of years ago in the form of a pair of pirate bunny rabbits!

Captain Morgan Bunn

Gunners Mate Stibbins

I am putting the originals on Etsy and can be found HERE so if you fancy your own pirate bunny illustration nip over and have a look! If theres enough interest I am planning on painting up a whole load more!

All the best!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A House for £3000?


I been reading about a family who couldn't afford to buy a house so built their own for just £3000 with some particularly stunning results:

£3000 House!

Both Amy and myself are really interested in this as its both a self built home and a low impact eco house, not to mention a beautiful creation.

We are in a very similar situation as getting on the property ladder, especially for folks like us who are self employed with a fledgeling business is nigh on impossible so we have come to the decision that we are going to attempt to do something similar.

This is a major undertaking as we will be needing to save a considerable amount of money to both buy a plot of land, design the house, get planning permission and get the materials, not to mention the building costs. We both feel passionately about the project though and have decided to put part of any money we make from our work towards it.

I doubt it will come to fruition for several years but it is giving us a goal to work toward!

Heres a LINK to the original article. Its a fascinating website and well worth a peruse through.

All the best!