Monday, 31 October 2011

More Rusty Robots For Sale!


The rest of my stock of robots are now on Etsy!




 Telegraph Bot


I have all the minibots and show specials up for sale so please feel free to nip over and take a peek at MY ETSY STORE.

All the best!

Robots For Sale!


Well we are back from the MCM in London and it was a great experience and we got lots of interest in our stuff! Amys Quadropusses sold out entirely and I even managed to sell one of the my Series 1 Rusty Robots!

I would have loved to have sold more but speaking with some of the other traders it just seems that this year folks just didn't have the money to spend so it was quite quiet sales wise despite it having record attendance!

Still it means that I have a batch of robots being listed on Etsy now! Heres the link to my ETSY SITE. At present I have the remainder of the Series 1 Rusty Robots listed but I will be listing the rest at some point this evening!




For sale at present theres Hammerboy, Bumble and Pathfinder. Rollerboy sold at the MCM so is no longer available I'm afraid! The show specials and minibots will be getting added soon so please feel free to nip over and have a look!

All the best!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rusty Robots Show Special: Reliquary Bot


Heres the last of the show special robots: The Reliquary Bot:

The Reliquary Bot

I am going to have a bash at finishing off a few more to take to work on so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!

Minibots Galore!


Heres a few pictures of some of the Minibots I am taking to the MCM tomorrow!

 Eggy Minibot

 Espresso Minibot

 Grumpy Minibot

 Jack Tar Minibot

 Rotund Minibot

Sarge Minibot


Each of the Minibots stands between one and two inches tall and were loads of fun to work on!

I will also be taking a few more unseen as I haven't had chance to photograph them yet (hopefully I will get chance to get it done this evening though!) I have enough parts for several more minibots and full size robots too so will be taking them with me to work on at the Expo!

All the best!

Rusty Robots Show Special: Steambot Telegraph Operator


Heres the latest in the series of show specials! The Telegraph Operation Bot (TOBY for short)

Telegraph Operation Bot

I will be adding a load of mini bot pictures soon so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!

Rusty Robots Show Special: Steambot Pugilist


Heres the latest in the Show Special series I have been working on, the Steambot Pugilist:

Steambot Pugilist

He's a bit of an experiment with a new shape and I must admit one of my favorite creations thus far. He will be coming with us to the MCM in London tomorrow and will be up for sale!

All the best!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Discount Voucher!


As promised heres a discount voucher for our stall at the upcoming MCM expo in London this weekend!

The voucher entitles the holder to 25% discount on any one item from either myself or Steam Powered Fish. Its limited to one per person and not in conjunction with any other discount we may be offering. All you need to do is present the voucher and get your discount!


Assorted Illustration Work


Heres a few assorted illustrations and concept pieces I have worked on over the last year or so that I found post move:

Whalesong Concept

Originally drawn as part of a university concept piece for my Whalesong animation, I do like the colours and mood it set.

 Red Riding Steampunk 

Heres a couple of pages of a steampunk themed graphic novel I worked on featuring a combination of the old Red Riding Hood fairy tale and the Jack the Ripper murders with a healthy dose of steampunk thrown in!

 Morag the Slayer

Morag the Slayer was a birthday portrait of my friend Morag who happens to hate In the Night Garden so it was only natural for her to be portrayed slaying one of the creepy creatures from the kids tv show!

Steampunk Posterboy 

Heres a sketch I worked on a while back. I just wanted to draw lots of different randomness and came up with the pen and ink sketch!

Whale of a Tale

Finally heres an illustration I produced featuring some pirate rabbits in a flying boat soaring over a pod of whales!

All the best!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rusty Robots Show Special: Steambot Butler


As promised heres the first of the show special robots I have been working on in the form of the Steambot Butler:

Steambot Butler

Yes! The Show specials are Steampunk inspired! I have three more in the series to show over the coming days along with a discount voucher which will allow the holder a nice discount if they purchase one of the my robots at the MCM over the weekend!

All the best!

Rusty Robots Series 1: Rollerboy


Heres some pictures of the final member of the Series 1 Rusty Robots, Rollerboy:


Finally heres a quick picture of the full group:

Hammerboy, Pathfinder, Bumble and Rollerboy: Rusty Robots Series 1

Well its taken a fair bit longer than I thought but they are all complete and will be going to the London MCM with me this weekend so please feel free to nip along and have a chat and buy yourself a chubby robotic minion!
All the best!