Monday, 2 May 2011

Rusty Robot 2


Heres a couple of pictures of my newest piece.

Standing just under 10cm tall, the Rusty Robot two's body was originially built for a university class on mould making and has been sat on my desk covered in plaster and plastecine for well over a month now.

Tired of seeing such a forlorn piece of uncompleted work I decided to finish him off yesterday. I smashed the sculpey body with a hammer, chipped at him with a scalpel and finally glued him back together again to give a nice ramshackle finish. The arms and legs are made from thick aluminium wire, sculpey and pro create modelling putty.

I made the decision to give him mismatched limbs as I like the idea that the little fellow was made from salvaged parts or has been left to his own devices for years and has slowly replaced parts as they wore out.

The addition of the 5 Today badge was paritally to give him a little colour and partly at the suggestion of my girlfriend who thought it would add an element of cuteness to him. I must admit hes a little creepier than my last rusty robot but has a certain charm to him.

I must admit that I am finding making rusty robots rather fun and have several more at various stages of construction which will be getting added as they are completed.

All the best!

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