Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Demolition Robot


Just a quick update with another rusty robot, this time the Demolition Robot:

Demolition Robot

Once painted a jaunty yellow to make it more visible, the Demolition Robot has seen better days and is heavily patched and chipped. Despite this he is a cheery sort, especially as his degraded engine has been recently replaced with a steam boiler allowing him to brew a cuppa while on the job!

Demolition Robot Ho!

In keeping with the giant abandoned scrapyard which the other robots inhabit, the Demolition Robot has been required to patch himself up, including a rather botched attempt at welding his own head back together.
Constructed out of a mixture of Super Sculpey, Green Stuff modelling putty, barbeque skewers and plastic tubing I must admit I got a bit carried away with the painting but think he came out rather nicely!

I have actually used an earlier robot to cast a basic body shape mould and then pressed in some sculpey to make the body which does save a little time!

All the best!

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