Saturday, 21 May 2011



Well at long last heres a few pictures of the Hercules maquette I have been pottering around with for the last couple of months:


I have built him to be somewhat modular so his head and hands can be removed and replaced at will with the use of some small but powerful magnets!

Heres a picture of him with an alternate and more hairy head:

Angry Herc

The hands are also seperate and click on and off with ease:

 Crushing Hands of Hercules!

Standing at about 12 inches tall and weighing a surprising amount, Herucles is without doubt the biggest maquette I have created thus far. Made from a skeleton of aluminium wire, Milliput, Super Sculpey, fabric and leather, hes also quite complex.

Hercs Girdle!

His kilt/skirt is made from some fabric I got from the Worcester Resource Exchange and dyed with some acrylic paint while his belt is made from some pieces of leather, again sourced from the WRE. The detailing was sculpted from some Greenstuff modelling putty and then painted.

The fabric itself has a ring of aluminium wire running around the inside which allows me to pose it and give it a slightly more realistic look.

I still have quite a lot I want to do with him as I have a load of variants designed and the modular head and hands should allow me to have a go at this without too much difficulty.

To speed up this process a bit I created a press mould of his noggin which would allow me to quickly create some more heads that will be getting worked on soon!

The Heads of Hercules!

The next stage will be to add a lion skin cloak to his outfit but it will have to wait until after the degree show now!

In other news I am now on Twitter so you can follow my inane jabberings there too if you wish!

All the best!

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