Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Assorted Illustration Work


Heres a few assorted illustrations and concept pieces I have worked on over the last year or so that I found post move:

Whalesong Concept

Originally drawn as part of a university concept piece for my Whalesong animation, I do like the colours and mood it set.

 Red Riding Steampunk 

Heres a couple of pages of a steampunk themed graphic novel I worked on featuring a combination of the old Red Riding Hood fairy tale and the Jack the Ripper murders with a healthy dose of steampunk thrown in!

 Morag the Slayer

Morag the Slayer was a birthday portrait of my friend Morag who happens to hate In the Night Garden so it was only natural for her to be portrayed slaying one of the creepy creatures from the kids tv show!

Steampunk Posterboy 

Heres a sketch I worked on a while back. I just wanted to draw lots of different randomness and came up with the pen and ink sketch!

Whale of a Tale

Finally heres an illustration I produced featuring some pirate rabbits in a flying boat soaring over a pod of whales!

All the best!

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