Thursday, 5 April 2012

Posing The Reds!


Heres a very quick page of thumbnails of the poses for the upcoming Reds:

The Reds!

Initially theres going to be six poses using the Mk1 Scrapbot body which will come with a sprue of add on bits like the groin guards and goggles which will hopefully allow folks to personalise their robots to their hearts contents.

Of these poses three will be posed in such a way to allow for hand weapons and pistols while the remaining three will be armed with rifles which will be provided with a sprue of assorted weapons ranging from hammers to scrap pistols and heavier ordinance.

Eventually there will be new additions including specialised robots, leaders and big guys but I want to get some basic robots sorted out first before going for the more complex designs.

I am trying to get these bits and bobs sorted out at present in time for the mould material and resin arriving at some point in the next week or so allowing me to actually get some hand cast prototypes made!

Background wise the Reds are associated with metalwork and the great forges of the Scrapyard so many have goggles to protect their eyes and assorted riveted plates to stop them getting damaged. Their weapons are similarly going to be heat and fire based with a wide variety of hammers and stubby guns, welders and flamethrowers.

I will try and get the bodies ready for show soon alongside their weapon sprues as well as some sketches of the Blues who are decidedly more nautically themed...

All the best!

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