Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Return of the Richard


Well its been an action packed few weeks with a mad rush to get a load of stuff done for the Boutique Market in Portsmouth with Amy of STEAM POWERED FISH which was a fun day, if a bit quiet due to the football being on at the same time.

Buffoon at  Work

I have a load of robots left over too which will be getting put on my ETSY page in the next day or two and will be getting posted here too! 

In other news I am on the lookout for a job so if anyone is recruiting or looking for a sculptor, model maker or concept artist please feel free to get in touch! 

I am also planning on starting to update my blog far more regularly. As already mentioned I am going to post some pictures of the Baublebot, Camerabot and Nutcrackerbot here in the morning and hope to start posting some pages from my sketchbooks every day for the foreseeable future. It will get me drawing again as I have been so busy making stuff I haven't had chance to draw enough!

All the best!



  1. The picture of the striding Englishman in the folder at the front is mega. I was going to use it for the cover of my dissertation until I had to change the overall subject.

  2. Hi!

    I will send a copy round to you!

    All the best!