Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rusty Robot Chubber!


Heres a  couple of pictures of my latest rusty robot, the Chubber:

Chubber Front

Chubber Side

Chubber Back

Standing roughly 50mm tall the Chubber is a small sculpt that was given to my tutor as a bit of a thankyou for all the support over the last three years.

Constructed from a mixture of Sculpey, wire and Greenstuff, the Chubber is a bit of an experiment to see whether its possible for me to make some smaller rusty robots to sell. The base is a 40mm round plastic wargaming base with a piece of cork tile glued to it. I have used a similar approach for the surface of my plinths used at my degree show as they give a nice worn down look that fits the rusty robots well.

I have another dozen or so even smaller ones under construction and will post pictures of them as they are completed.

All the best!

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